Ongoing from 2015
Exhibitions at Titanik Galleria in Turku (2015), Finland; Spring 1883 in Sydney (2015); Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo (2016); A.I.R Gallery in New York City (2016); Rijswijk Textile Biennial in the Netherlands (2017); Artspace in Sydney (2017) and The ICA in Richmond, Virginia (2017).

Feminist Fan is a ongoing series of hand-knitted replicas of self-portraits or artworks by feminist artists around the globe including Sarah Lucas, Pussy Riot, Guerrilla Girls, Cindy Sherman, Lynda Benglis, Juliana Huxtable, Mithu Sen, Tracey Moffatt, Yoko Ono, Hannah Wilke and more. The title Feminist Fan emphasizes Just's reverence to these artists and feminism, and each carefully stitched picture, featuring over 10,000 stitches and 80 hours work, constitutes a time-intensive act of devotion. Just uses the Instagram handle @katejustknits and constructs social media posts for every work, extending feminism's potential reach, discourse and Influence. Echoing Just’s use of knitting as an art medium, many of the selected works highlight the potential of textiles, clothing or adornment to expand representations of gender, sexuality and identity. As a collection, Feminist Fan forms an intimate family portrait of feminism and of Just’s own influences, in which threads of connection between artists across time periods and cultures emerge. View the Feminist Fan catalogue for Just's solo exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn here. Read an article by Betsy Greer in Hyperallergic here.